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Property Management Services

Looking For A Professional Property Management Team For Your Short-Term Rental?
This advertisement contains information intended only for Vacay Mode Inc use. Century 21 Canada does not have any affiliation or promotes Vacay Mode Inc.  Vacay Mode Inc is a separate entity. 


Our focus is to manage your property to an industry high standard while controlling your costs and maximizing your properties potential. We provide you a stress free environment to earn revenue, cover your properties overhead expenses, and realize profits while continuing to enjoy your investment.


1. Assign a team member to be your dedicated point of contact, clean and service your property and complete regular operating tasks.

2. Help you decorate and furnish your property to appeal to quality guests.

3. Capture professional photographs and social media content to promote your property.

4. Market your property on multiple platforms to qualified renters and maximize revenue.

5. Screen potential renters against your criteria and manage all bookings.

6. Provide quarterly reports outlining your properties operation, successes, and improvement areas, including summations and commentary on your guest experience.

7. Experienced professionals with 5 stars rating and super host status on major platforms.

8. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, one call or text away,


9. Our management services, cleaning fees and dedication to your property is guaranteed to be unbeatable.

10. And much more…

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